The first modern communities date back over half a century to the 50’s, when home builders acted on an “impulse to build in harmony with the progressive social, technical, and aesthetic promise of Modernism” (David Fixler, Hipsters in the Woods).

Fast forward to today and a New Modernism is at the vanguard of home building across the country, from Seattle to Austin to Chicago to Washington D.C. Wherever you look, modern design is on display, from the showrooms of home décor stores to the interiors of upscale hotels; from the sets of commercials, television shows, and films to the pages of Dwell magazine.

The green, sustainable movement dovetails with the basic principles of modernism. The same tenets– simple materials, restrained elegance, smaller footprints, innovative construction
techniques – are again in vogue. Economic realities require simpler, smaller, more efficient housing solutions.

Our New Century Modern philosophy recreates this 50’s modern aesthetic – but with an updated interpretation that understands the hallmarks of a 21st century lifestyle: clean architectural design, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and “green” construction methods.